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Face Cleansing Brush

Fitglow Beauty

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Let's face it, sometimes our cleansing routine becomes stale and washing your face with your hands is not very effective. Fitglow Beauty is changing the game with this new tool used to enhance the cleansing ritual and improve skin health. This Face Cleansing Brush offers two sides, one side of super soft micro bristles for a deep clean and a textured side for gentle exfoliation and massage.


  • Get a deeper clean without irritation.
  • Gentle skin exfoliation smooths skin texture.
  • Daily skin massage improves circulation and absorption of skincare products.
  • The Micro Brush improves cleanser performance while using less product.

This brush is not battery operated.

Fitglow Beauty is inspired by nature and fueled by passion to create beauty and confidence.

Fitglow uses highly active vitamins, humectants and plant sterols and they practice using the latest in natural cosmetic formulation. Their products are whole food based formulas infused with targeted organic extracts to nourish skin and feed your beauty. 

Fitglow products are made to go the distance, no matter where life takes you. No more fussing with your makeup after that lunch hour hot yoga class because Fitglow stays put! All the products get tested in numerous challenging environments including activities like running, hot yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, bootcamp classes, long airplane trips, super long days at work, the sauna and even a cry test!

At Fitglow they love our furbabies just like we do and all the other creatures from the animal kingdom, so they choose to test their products on friends and family members showing respect for all living things.

It's not about the products, ​it’s about empowering women to own their beauty, boost confidence and create positive change.

Made in Canada.